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Dog Hiking Backpacks, Harness, Shoes & More Items To Enjoy The Trails

Hike with your best pal and make the outdoor experience more memorable and meaningful.

Dogs are always considered man’s best friend because of the joy they bring with their selfless attitude and the enthusiastic energy that they possess. As soon as they see you, you’ll feel their excitement by just looking at their wagging tails. These canines are always fun to be with, and they never run out of fuel with whatever activities you give them. But are they still your “best friend” if they are often left behind because you’d like to enjoy the exciting trek and long hike up the mountain?

Life can be short, and you want to build special memories. As much as you can, gather moments with your loved ones, including your pets, that you will cherish forever. So, why not have outdoor adventures with your dog? Have them enjoy hiking together with the rest of the gang, and reward yourself with sumptuous snacks on the hill? However, numerous things might affect our decision to bring them with us. There are countless reasons why some dog lovers choose to travel without their lovable pets. Here are some of them:

  • People often think that dogs can’t stand the fatigue and stress of traveling, 
  • There are many things to remember when going out with your best pal,
  • Countless gear and accessories to bring, or 
  • They worry for their dog’s security when having outdoor adventures.

What if I told you that having your doggo with you can make the journey more meaningful and full of excitement? We have compiled the most common dog hiking gear that you’ll need when hiking with your four-legged best pal. 

Outdoor Gear and Accessories for Dogs

Keeping everything simple and packing light is one of the most crucial things that a hike should consider when they want to tackle the trail. The weight they’ll bring towards the top will definitely affect their pacing when going up. The same applies to your dogs. Would you bring in a metal aluminum feeding bowl and have them enjoy eating a steak? Definitely no. So here are the most used dog hiking accessories to have for your canine:

Dog Hiking GearWhat is it?Better Used For
Mountainsmith K-9 Dog PackDog BackpackHaving everything organized for your dog.
Excellente Elite SpankerDog Saddle BagHaving every essential gear on your dog’s side
SparklyPetsDog LeashWorry-free connection with your best pal
Hands FreeDog LeashMaking running with your canine hand-free
JZXOIVADog BootsDogs need proper footwear too
HCPetDog Running ShoesWaterproof dog shoes for added protection
NiteHowlDog CollarGlow in the dark dog necklace
Adventure Medical DogsDog First Aid KitFor the unstoppable doge fueled with adventure
Apple AirTagGPS AccessoryCause, why not?
EBPPDog SunscreenKeeping those precious skin moisturized and protected
KytelyDog BowlCollapsible dog gear for munching treats and keeping them hydrated

Things To Remember When Hiking with Dogs

Like us, dogs, too, have essential needs that should be met. Even when they aren’t on the trail and just hanging around at home, there are specific conditions to watch out for when taking good care of them. The same goes for pooch around you when hiking or overnight camping. Here are some of the things you should anticipate before taking them with you on the trail: 

  • Your Dog’s Condition – We should always watch out for the welfare of our best pal. Ensuring that they are in the best shape when outdoors can prevent accidents. It’s better to have them prepared and fully geared before taking them to the mountains. 
  • The Mountain’s Terrain – Just like other mountaineers out there, one of the things that you should consider is the type of trail you’ll tackle. Knowing this can help you prepare even more for the obstacles, and being aware of this will determine if your dog will be able to conquer them with you. 
  • Park’s Rules and Regulation – Even if you want to and your dog is capable of taking outdoor adventures, certain places prohibit having pet companions. Check first with your local destination if allowed, or apply for a permit to ensure hassle-free hiking with your dog. 
  • Your Canine’s Social Behavior – This factor should not be overlooked as it can affect everyone’s safety during an outdoor adventure. As we all know, even the friendliest dogs can bite if provoked. There are also times when we can’t understand their behavior, but if proper training is enforced, you’re good to go. 

The Importance of Having the Right Dog Gear

If you want to have your dog alongside you during hiking trips, it is essential to understand why they need to have the appropriate gear and accessories when having an outdoor adventure with them. Like their favorite humans, they should be equipped with the right hiking gear that can help them finish the trail safely.

These items are the best dog hiking gear out in the market and will definitely be of great use when hiking with your dogs. The accessories they’ll use can provide additional comfort, protection, and relief. Plus, these hiking dog gear will give you peace of mind, enabling you to enjoy your outdoor adventure with your favorite pal. 

Our Hands-On Review on the Best Dog Hiking Gear

Dog Backpack & Saddle Bags

If you are a frequent visitor of the mountains, you should know that there’s a prescribed load limit that a person can carry up, or else they’ll have muscle strain or difficulty bringing your stuff to the top. To lessen your load and make your dog’s stuff more accessible, it is recommended to have them carry their own packs. But be aware that these backpacks and your dogs have their limits too. 

These dog hiking backpacks should have multiple pockets on their sides, storing what is needed for easy access. Outdoor hiking accessories for dogs such as their treats, food bowl, or even first aid kit can be placed here. 

Mountainsmith K9 Dog Pack


Best Used For: Any type of active dog that enjoys running alongside you

Item Weight: 5 ounces

Item Dimensions: ‎2.25 x 9.5 x 8.25 inches (depending on size)

Product Description: The Mountainsmith K9 Dog Pack is your source of peace of mind during outdoor hiking with your favorite canine. Having sternum paddings with breathable mesh fabric, this dog hiking backpack provides comfort to your dogs when in use. Two side pockets are available, zippered, and can be used to store important stuff that they’ll use along the trails. 

Our Review: One of the advantages of using the Mountainsmith K9 Dog Pack is its reliable material and product built. First of all, a 4-point adjustable chest harness with foam and pads is in place, giving extra breathability to your dog while ensuring that they are secured in place. The compartments on the Mountainsmith Dog Pack’s side are also spacious and can accommodate multiple dog gear or treats for easy access. These dog pack’s side pockets are secured by zippers to help keep your essentials in place. 

Aside from its durable materials and quality finish, having something that can be easily adjustable can help your dog feel relieved most of the time. With the Mountainsmith K9 Dog Pack, giving comfort to your canine on an outdoor adventure is their utmost priority.


  • With multiple functionalities and provides easy dog-handling
  • Veterinarian-approved item, giving you peace of mind when in use
  • Reflective trim design on front, rear, and side for quick visibility


  • This dog pack isn’t waterproof
  • Be sure to check the sizing chart before buying
  • Frequent usage may produce wear and tear on the straps

To know more about the Mountainsmith K9 Dog Pack, click HERE

Excellent Elite Spanker Dog Saddle Bag

Best Used For: Medium-built and Large-built dogs

Item Weight: 1.34 pounds

Package Dimensions: ‎13.7 x 10.35 x 3.27 inches

Product Description: Excellent Elite Spanker Saddle Bag for Dogs gives trendy fashion style while giving a comfortable dog pack to your pet. The worry-free dog hiking pack is engineered with 1000D Nylon materials with neat and strong stitching that offers that extra durability for your dogs. Multiple soft lining pads are carefully placed to prevent chafing against your dog’s skin. Aside from the excellent product built, the Elite Spanker saddlebag has multiple adjustment points to introduce more breathability to your dogs.

Our Review: If you are fond of having your dog with you during outdoor hikes or treks, the Excellent Elite Spanker Dog Saddle Bag should be one of your options to fit your energetic canine. There are multiple handling options that you can utilize for your dog’s safety. You can attach a hands-free leash to the saddle bag for a freestyle pacing with your dog or use the dog gear’s top handle for a more controlled walk in the park. 

The Elite Spanker Service Dog Bag can be considered a military dog backpack due to its material construction, design, and functionality. The side compartment can fit a first-aid kit, your dog’s treat, or even a collapsible dog bowl. Elastic bands are also present inside the bags to help maintain your gear in place. 

  • High-quality materials and excellent product composition
  • Durable and perfectly fits your dog companion with adjustable straps
  • With customizable ID panel size placed on both sides that you can use for identification or giving information


  • Sizing guide review is crucial, need to double-check with the supplier the right size for your pup
  • Fits medium to large dog builds like Bulldog, Shepherd, Malamute, Husky, Labrador, etc.
  • Belt closures may affect your dog when laying down on their side

Interested in having the Excellent Elite Spanker Saddlebag? Click HERE.

Hands-Free Dog Leash

It’s essential to have peace of mind when you bring your dog with you on an outdoor adventure. Maintaining your dog’s welfare while enjoying the trail is one of your priorities to prevent any untoward incidents. However, having a dog leash with you doesn’t just secure your canine with you but prevents them from misbehaving when other people are around. Ensuring that your best pal uses a dog leash can give that additional safeguard from attacking anyone they see or being aggressive and too excited to run ahead of you. 

Keeping your dog beside you using a hands-free dog leash gives off that more secure feeling not just with you but with other adventure-seekers. In reality, people are still afraid and skeptical about being around dogs, especially on the trail. By having a dog leash with you and having the proper training with your dog, you can prove them wrong. 

Sparkly Pets Hands-Free Dog Leash

Best Used For: Medium-built and Large-built dogs that you want to train

Item Weight: 10.4 ounces

Item Dimensions: 9.5 x 6 x 1.3 inches

Product Description: Sparkly Pets Hands-Free Dog Leash is suitable for dogs of medium to large size. Imagine having your big-sized dog around with a weak, easy-to-break leash. Will it enforce security for you and the people around you? Definitely not. Sparkly Pets engineered a dog leash with utmost durability and high-quality material construction, enough to hold off your pet when outdoor hiking. Two stainless steel clasps are placed strategically to help reduce tension on the leash, preventing them from easily breaking. Together with a shock-absorbing bungee, this support mechanism can produce strong resistance from the force your canine creates.

Our Review: Sparkly Pets Hands-Free Dog Leash isn’t all hands-free in reality. It can be used as a waistband-attached leash to help you run freely with your pet. This is the ideal usage of the Sparkly Pets dog leash, especially when tackling a long, exhausting trail. But if you want to have a more controlled approach to handling your dog, you can convert that leash and utilize its handle. Giving manageable, safe space between you and other people around you, the leash can extend up to 68” in length.

The product’s durability is superb. Testing with a large-built dog, it can easily hold them off with the support mechanism that it possesses. The thick rope, metallic hook, leather joints, and elastic bungee rope harmoniously secure your dog in place. 


  • No pull feature, giving firm support to your dog when in use
  • With storage bag included for easy organization
  • Easy grip handle that provides more stability in handling your dog


  • Not suitable for small-built dogs
  • Quality depends on normal wear and tear and your dog’s weight
  • Black paint on metal pieces can easily chip off

Is the Sparkly Pets Hands-Free Leash perfect for your dog? Click HERE.

Pet Dreamland’s Hands-Free Dog Leash

Best Used For: Energetic and enthusiastic medium to large built canine

Item Weight: 13.44 ounces

Package Dimensions: 8.9 x 6.65 x 1.81 inches

Product Description: Having a Hands-Free Dog Leash on your trail to the top gives extra assurance that your dog will do no harm to other hikers you come along with on your trek. The Pet Dreamland’s Dog Leash guarantees safe and secure hiking with your pooch, giving credit to the extensive research and product development to improve this dog accessory. Starting with the most often overlooked part of a dog leash, Pet Dreamland engineered the rings found at the end with metallic materials, preventing easy leash breakage. A professional carabiner is also used on the other end, giving the exact purpose of maintaining the product’s durability. 

Our Review: Pet Dreamland’s design is inspired by a concerned fur-parent to his beloved canine. The inspiration for creating this item is from a family dog that weighs over 80 pounds. Imagine being accompanied by a large dog with a weak and unreliable hands-free leash. The manufacturer added various high-quality materials that give that extra TLC to your dog. With such admirable inspiration, the Pet Dreamland’s Hands-Free leash is one of a kind, securing everything in place, protecting people in your environment while giving comfort and guidance to your dog while enjoying the outdoors. 


  • Dog leash with reflective design for visibility
  • Retractable material composition that prevents the line from breaking
  • Adjustable dog leash that satisfies your length preference


  • For medium and large built dogs only
  • Metal snap hooks aren’t for everyone’s preference

Do you think that the Hands-free Dog Leash is for your best pal? Click HERE

Dog Hiking Shoes

One of the most critical body parts to take good care of while hiking is our feet. The overall health of our lower limbs will determine our capability to finish off the trail and have a rewarding experience afterward. What we wear to support them matters because they give us comfort, extra traction, and protection against anything that will hinder us from completing our outdoor adventure. 

Like humans, dogs should have that accessory to provide that push to keep them going. Suiting your dogs with their hiking shoes or boots can help them enjoy the adventure fully. These dog gear can defend your canine’s paws against rough stones, scorching hot sand, or broken glasses found along the trail. 


Best Used For: Trail-ready paw protection

Item Weight: 5.61 ounces

Package Dimensions: 7.32 x 5.79 x 2.17 inches

Product Description: The JZXOIVA Dog Boots is a four-season dog shoe that can withstand the prevailing weather condition during your outdoor hike. The trail-ready dog booties are ideal for any type of trail, either rock, mud, or even snow. It gives maximum protection to your best bud’s paws, whichever outdoor activity you offer to your dog. With a more secure fit to your dog’s feet, it features self-adhesive straps that give you ease in putting on and removing. These booties are tough on the outside but provide extra comfort to your dog when worn.

Our Review: Like any other regular hiking boots, one thing to consider before buying them is the traction they offer to your feet. JZXOIVA dog boots have mastered this field as their dog shoes provide a grip trex feature, a unique capability that enables your dog’s paws to ultimately hold against any type of trail. It also comes perfectly with waterproof materials, making your dog invincible when they want to conquer the outdoors, whatever the track, in whatever weather condition. 

Aside from the non-slip features of the JZXOIVA dog boots, it is also packed with a thoughtful design, giving easy visibility during the day and enhanced sight by night. This feature may come in handy to quickly spot your pooch when you let the leash go. Maintaining this dog accessory does not give you headaches as it can be hand-washed and sundried for effortless cleaning. 

  • Tight, secured, and snug-fit design
  • Dog shoe interior provides comfort with soft suede lining
  • Suitable for multiple scenarios and seasons


  • Be careful in measuring your dog’s paws please refer to the instruction before buying
  • Your dog might not be familiar with wearing a dog shoe
  • Medium to Large dog built compatibility

Are you ready to let your dog wear the JZXOIVA dog boots? Click HERE.

HCPet Dog Shoes

Best Used For: All-around doggy boots your dog can wear anywhere

Item Weight: 6.63 ounces

Package Dimensions:‎ 7.99 x 6.61 x 2.6 inches

Product Description: HCPet Dog Boots can be worn by dogs of all sizes and built. Multiple sizes are available to fit your dog’s paws and give them additional protection when tackling the outdoor trail. Packed with an anti-slip feature, the doggy shoes can help your best pal avoid accidents while on the trail. The HCPet Dog Boots have adjustable straps to perfectly fit the shoe and lock them in place. 

Our Review: HCPet Dog Boots are not just entirely made to conquer the trails. It is recommended to be worn to train your pooch into wearing one. Though it has anti-slip materials, reflective design, and waterproof capabilities, it can still be worn at your home or even when walking with them in the park. The HCPet Dog Boots can be worn almost anywhere with their hippy and trendy design. 


  • Dog hiking training shoe that can be used anytime, anywhere
  • Multi-season dog shoe that can withstand extreme weather conditions
  • Water-resistant materials were used, preventing your dog’s paws from getting wet


  • Sole traction might not be suited for trails or hiking
  • Cannot be submerged with water or sand
  • Sizing might be tricky. Please review the sizing chart before buying

Train your dogs into wearing doggy boots with the HCPet Dog Shoe. Click HERE.

Other Dog Accessories That May Come Handy

Our dogs cannot talk back to us to let us know what they want. The best that we can do is to anticipate all their needs. We already listed some of the gear that may come in handy when bringing them to the mountains. What else should we get to make the outdoor experience more memorable and enjoyable? These are some of the things we should try to address when hiking with our dogs: 

  • Visibility – While we have reflectorized dog shoes, canine backpacks, and hands-free leashes that can suffice the need to quickly spot our best friend, the real problem arises when you decide to have overnight camping in the woods. 
  • Safety – It is better to be prepared than to be sorry. Like regular campers or hikers, there should be something that can immediately respond and tend to emergency situations, especially when you are far away from the city.
  • Security – We cannot fully control our dogs’ emotions and responses, especially when they become too excited and overwhelmed getting out of their usual shelter. Sometimes, they may wander off too far from the camp or the trail because they were too occupied chasing a butterfly.
  • Protection – Like people, dogs are also affected by the extreme emission of sun rays. To aid us in delaying the harmful effects of UV rays, it is best to have something pet-friendly to apply to your dog’s skin.
  • Provision – Any creature, whether humans or dogs, requires sufficient nutrients to keep us going. Without the energy we get from the food or beverage we intake, we will definitely not finish the trail, and worst may cause severe problems to our well-being. 

NiteHowl LED

Best Used For: Spotting your dog’s whereabouts at night.

Item Weight: ‎0.09 Pounds

Item Dimensions:‎ 27 x 0.3 x 0.3 inches

Product Description: NiteHowl LED is a dog accessory perfect for providing visibility to your dogs, especially when outdoor camping. The LED necklace for dogs can give you illumination for up to 1000 feet. The battery-operated LED accessory can be worn by dogs of all sizes, with a cut fit from 12” to 27”, suitable for small to large built dogs. Different lighting features are also programmed to the dog collar to match the environment. Choose from either regular light, high-visibility glow, or flash mode to spot your dogs easily.

Our Review: The NiteHowl LED is a fantastic addition to your dog accessories when outdoor hiking. It improves visibility on the trail, which reduces the anxiety of looking after your beloved dog. It reflects 360° around your dog’s neck and has multiple light mode displays that can adapt to the present environment condition. A high-visibility glow can be chosen when it’s too bright on your trail, making an accentuated bright light for easy visibility. 

Since this product is battery operated, the suppliers are kind enough to add some replacement batteries for continued usage. One set of batteries can last up to 60 hours of operation. However, though it is electrically powered, it has waterproof capabilities and a weather-resistant build.


  • Can choose from rechargeable with over a universal MicroUSB or replaceable alkaline batteries
  • Multiple color displays to choose from
  • One size fits all


  • USB port cover may fall off easily, disabling its waterproof capacity
  • LED light varies with prolonged use because of depleted batteries
  • Beware of counterfeit items pretending to have the same quality

To be sure you get the original NiteHowl LED, click HERE

Adventure Medical Dog First Aid Kit

Best Used For: Emergencies and untoward accidents

Item Weight: 8.78 Ounces

Item Dimensions:‎ 7.5 x 1.5 x 5.3 inches

Product Description: Adventure Medical Dog First Aid Kit is your friend when mending bruises or wounds brought by the arduous trail. It can cater to different injuries sustained by dogs typical when having outdoor adventures. Different-sized gauze or bandages efficiently respond to sprain, cuts, and bruises. This First Aid Kit comprises multiple medical accessories stored in an organizing pouch, such as:

  • 2 x Sterile Gauze Dressing, 3″ x 3″, Pkg./2, 
  • 2 x  Sterile Non-Adherent Dressing, 2″ x 3″, 
  • 1 x Conforming Gauze Bandage, 2″ 
  • 1 x  Irrigation Syringe, 10cc. with 18 Gauge Tip,
  • 1 x Saline Wound & Eye Wash (Sodium Chloride), 
  • 1 x Elastic Bandage Self-Adhering, 2″, 
  • 3 x Triple Antibiotic Ointment (Bacitracin Zinc, Neomycin Sulfate, Polymyxin B Sulfate), 
  • 6 x Antiseptic Wipe (Benzalkonium Chloride), 
  • 2 x Alcohol Swab, 
  • 1 x Triangular Bandage 
  • 1 x Pet First Aid Manual, 
  • 1 x Splinter Picker / Tick Remover Forceps, 
  • 1 x Hydrogen Peroxide 3%, 1 oz. (to induce vomiting),
  • 2 x Antihistamine (Diphenhydramine 25 mg.), Pkg./1

This First Aid Kit does not just respond to your dog’s emergency but can also be used to respond to your injuries. 
To get the essential Adventure Medical Dog First Aid Kit, click HERE.

Apple Air Tag

Best Used For: Tracking everything or everyone valuable to you

Item Weight: 0.39 ounces

Item Dimensions:‎ 3.27 x 0.47 x 4.09 inches

Product Description: Apple Air Tag can be helpful as well in tracking your most valuable friend during an outdoor getaway. Conveniently get the location of your canine and have it displayed on your apple device for fast monitoring. The Apple air tag is easy to pair with your device, with a one-tap function for setup. The battery-operated gadget can be worn by your dog and tracked when they run off somewhere. We all know that there are times when they are easily distracted by almost everything they see outside. 

This device isn’t just made to find your lost keys or valuables inside your house. Once appropriately utilized, the Apple Air Tag can be used entirely to be placed on your dog’s hiking pack or necklace.


  • Gives nearly the exact location of your dog’s whereabouts. 
  • Heavy-duty battery that can last long
  • Cloud-connected so you won’t have difficulty in finding your pup


  • Quite expensive
  • Water-resistant but cannot be submerged in water
  • iOS-based device

Get the Apple Air Tag for your dog’s security HERE

EBPP Dog Sun Skin Protector Spray

Best Used For: Outdoor adventures under the sun

Item Weight: 9.59 ounces

Item Dimensions:‎  6.26 x 2.17 x 2.13 inches

Product Description: There’s no exception for the harmful UV rays brought by our sun. It is equally important to apply a sunscreen spray to your dogs whenever you decide to get them with you on your next outdoor adventure. With EBPP Dog Sun Skin Spray, moisturize and protect your dog’s skin against the raging UVA and UVB rays. The non-greasy and soothing skin protector spray is formulated right precisely for dogs, so you won’t be worried about the chemical reaction of your four-legged pet to this product’s ingredients. 


  • All-purpose defense for all breeds
  • Safe and effective for your dogs against UV rays
  • No zinc-oxide that can cause harm or irritation to your pooch


  • Application may depend on your dog’s reaction and preference for the product
  • May have allergic effects on certain dog’s skin
  • May need constant reapplication when in use

Have the additional protection of your dog from the sun. Purchase EBPP Dog Sun Skin Spray HERE

Kytely Collapsible Dog Bowls

Best Used For: Keeping your dog hydrated and nourished all throughout

Item Weight: 9.14 ounces

Item Dimensions:‎  7.56 x 7.17 x 2.24 inches

Product Description: Kytely Collapsible Dog Bowls come in a set of two, with a carabiner attachment that can easily clip onto your hiking bag or your dog’s backpack. After successfully conquering the trails, a 2.1-pound capacity can fill in a hefty amount of water to keep your dog hydrated or feed them with their great reward. The collapsible dog bowl is one of its unique features, enabling you to store the dog accessories without taking much space on your day pack. Having this with you everywhere you go brings convenience in maintaining your dog’s welfare. Especially when hiking, we must check if they are well-hydrated and well-fed to prevent them from collapsing. 

Our Review: The collapsible dog bowl from Kytely is wide and offers 7-inch space for your dog treats. It can also hold liquid well, thanks to its 2.75 extended depth when fully set up. The materials used are pretty classy and pet-friendly, with different colors. The Kytely Dog Bowl is 100% lead-free and odorless, ensuring your dog’s safety. Aside from these characteristics, this dog eating tool can be cleaned and maintained by wiping cloth or running water. 

Interested in having the Kytely Collapsible Dog Bowl? Click HERE to know more.

Make the most out of your adventure! Bring your doggo with you and enjoy the scenic view that the mountain has to offer!

Let’s Sum It Up

Everything we do has risks and rewards. You can go up the mountain, experience breathtaking views, and gather beautiful memories. You can also come across several problems and obstacles before reaching the top. Bringing your dog with you on an outdoor getaway may also face these premises, but it’s solely dependent on you. You might have searched for the best dog hiking gear your pup can have, but it is equally important to know why you have them. Like every other person fond of having outdoor adventures, your dogs also need to be equipped with the right gear and accessories to prevent untoward incidents. 

You also need to be fully-equipped too. Your knowledge, understanding, and preparedness for your outdoor adventure with your dog will determine the success of your journey. Remember that the best dog hiking accessories will be wasted if you don’t come ready with different scenarios thrown at you. Prioritize everyone’s safety, including your dog’s, to have a memorable outdoor adventure that will surely be one for the books. 

Have you tried hiking with your dog or any of your pets? Share your experience! What preparations have you made to have a safe and successful outdoor getaway? Leave your comments below!

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