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The 22nd Chapter of our travel stories explores Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. Have you ever been there? Do you have any story to share? Let us know, we’d love to publish it!

Chapter 22: Kuala Lumpur

In Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia, I landed in the afternoon. I took the bus towards the city center and immediately I saw that this was a far more developed country than the rest of South East Asian countries I had visited. One could see new houses, skyscrapers, fancy cars and specially a fluid and organized traffic.

kuala lumpur

The hostel was clean, cheap and close to everything. I was planning to stay only for the night since I was going to the outskirts of KL the next day. I had landed a job on in exchange for food, accommodation and free yoga lessons at a toga center. Not bad huh? A new experience is what traveling is about, and that’s what I was going to do.

I was in a four people bedroom where I met a cool Chilean girl. Normally I don’t meet other Latin traveling, the backpacker world is predominantly British or German, so I felt identified with her and we became friends straightaway.

We went down to the common room to chat and met a French guy, two German girls and an Australian bloke. The afternoon became a nonstop storytelling and the evening started with a few beers, only interrupted by a quick visit to a restaurant to have some Nasi Goreng (a dish consisting of fried rice with egg and vegetables).

We decided to go out to a place called Reggae Bar, recommended by Google and close to the hostel. “Great music and a great vibe”, said the Google review, and so we went. A couple more Germans and an English guy joined us.

We arrived already tipsy and we ordered more booze. It was my last night before I was going to have some weeks of chilling, sobriety, spirituality and new experiences, so I decided to drink more than usual.

It wasn’t me who got in trouble that night though.

Thing is that while we were drinking, enjoying the music and having fun, one of the German guys, Mariusz, went to talk to a very cute girl that seemed Indian.

After a bit, another Indian guy who seemed friend of the girl, came to speak to the German and told him to leave her alone.

“But I think she wants me to keep talking to her. I can see her in her face”, Mariusz told us. And as a good German, very methodical, analytical and confident, he went back to speak to her as soon as she was alone.

The Indian guy saw them again and didn’t like it. This time he came with back up. However, his disadvantage was that him and his friends were smaller and thinner than the German colossus. They couldn’t intimidate him, and instead felt humiliated.

That’s when the shit hit the fan.

Again he came back with even more back up, this time it was five of them. And so, the two other German guys went to see what was going on. Both groups got caught in a heated up argument where the only comprehensible thing was the strong English accents of both groups. On one hand the Germans seemed Terminator, on the other we had Apu from the Simpsons.

This time around the Apus weren’t gonna be humiliated, and they decided to fight Goliath. The argument heated up even more and the Indians crashed some bottles against the table to threaten the Germans. However, Mariusz took advantage of his long reach and threw a punch straight at the face of one of them.

Then a bottle flew in the air and hit Mariusz in the forehead, cutting it and a lot of blood came out of it. It was a bloodbath.

We all freaked out and came to separate both groups. The Chilean and the German girls went all crazy and started shouting at the bouncers. But the bouncers, as always, didn´t seem to give a fuck and didn’t intervene. Instead, as soon as the brawl stopped, they kicked us out, while the Apus stayed in. We left for the hospital with poor Mariusz who didn´t score anything but a forehead cut that night.

It could have been worse though. Luckily they treated the cut and everything was fine, but it pissed us off that those fuckers got away with it.

Back at the hostel, the Aussie dude told us that those Indians were probably Malaysians from Indian background, but locals. He added that in Australia there are a lot of Indians and they have a funny culture when it comes to women.

If they’re in a group with girls, they’re very protective with them, and it’s better to approach them cautiously. Indians aren’t afraid of speaking up to what they dislike. They’re not usually aggressive, but with a couple of drinks who isn’t? Hence, with Indian girls one must be careful, one must first try and hit it up with the friends and take it from there, but always with care.

Lesson learnt, but fuck! Those bastards! Second lesson: careful with locals, they almost always get away with it.

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