Rivian Truck Review

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Rivian Truck: Review, Pricing and Specs

Electric vehicles have become extremely popular, and for a good reason! They are cost-effective, cool, and environmentally beneficial. Electric vehicles are widely available on the market nowadays, making it challenging to decide which is ideal for you. In this article, we will review the Rivian electric truck.

The all-electric pickup from Rivian is a novel interpretation of an idea that has long been a staple in America. Unfortunately, with its quad motors, premium interior, and sophisticated battery tech, the Rivian pickup’s cost of entry makes it attainable to only a select group of truck buyers. However, even with an as-tested price of $95,900, the Rivian provides enough utility and excitement to warrant that price.

The R1T is a component of the new Rivian brand’s mission to offer utility vehicles with a focus on the adventure that is powerfully electric and has a large range on a single charge. There is no better vehicle to launch with than the R1T since the age of the EV truck has finally arrived, with Ford, Chevy, and others joining the race.

Rivian Pick-Up Truck Review

The Rivian truck is the first commercially available electric truck in the United States, but that’s far from its most intriguing feature. Despite having an electric drivetrain, the Rivian truck is unlike any pickup ever driven; it’s equal parts truck and performance sedan, and it’s incredible. It has been suggested that pickup consumers are too traditional to embrace electrification. Still, after our first on- and off-road drive in a pre-production Rivian truck, we believe this is the electric truck that will convert them.

It is quite swift, just like many EVs: Rivian truck claims a 0-60 time of 3.0 seconds and that the two engines at each axle deliver  420 horses and 495 lb-ft from the rear wheels to the front wheel. To the front wheel, the Rivian truck delivers 415 horsepower and 413 lb-ft of torque.

With a wide range of drive modes and sub-modes demonstrating how programmable and adaptable the platform is, the Rivian electric truck fully exploits the ability to deliver power precisely to the corner where it is needed without delays for clutches to close or viscous couplings to the couple.

The EVs made by Rivian is among the best for Overlanding. The brand-new electric truck can go off-road well. However, the final design of Rivian prioritizes trendy and luxurious elements over Overlanding functionality. The manufacturer claims it enables electric overlanders “unprecedented range capabilities” and features outlets for 12V, 110V, and 220V powering just about anything an adventurer could imagine.

Why Do We Like It?

For off-road driving, the Rivian truck offers a unique set of drive modes that let the driver adjust the suspension and throttle response to varying degrees, which enables the same vehicle that effortlessly navigates paved curves to cautiously navigate around impediments that even a Jeep Wrangler could find challenging. In addition, the Rivian has no low-hanging components like driveshafts, differentials, or exhaust pipes, only a smooth, flat undertray from which the wheels and their attachments emerge, unlike an internal combustion off-roader.

rivian ev truck

Another big plus is the cabin. The inside appears upscale but not pretentious, owing to the use of vegan-friendly materials and the stunning matte wood trim. The interior panels of the basic trim are made of ash wood. The seats are incredibly comfortable, with support in all the appropriate areas and heating and ventilation features. Both rows have plenty of room for travelers of all sizes and ages.

An aftermarket bed rack is one of the vehicle attachments you can make on your Rivian. It can be all the difference when you set out on an Overlanding journey regarding the organization and accessibility of your gear.

Rivian or Tesla?

Rivian employs solid-state batteries, a more modern innovation, while Tesla uses lithium-ion batteries. Solid-state batteries provide various advantages over lithium-ion batteries, including faster charging and longer lifespan.

Tesla vehicles can tow less than Rivian vehicles can. For example, the Tesla Model S can only pull 7,500 pounds, whereas the Rivian truck towing capacity is up to 11,000 pounds. In addition, vehicles from Rivian have higher clearance than those from Tesla.

The warranty for Rivian trucks is significantly longer than that on Tesla vehicles. For example, Tesla only provides an 8-year/100,000-mile warranty, whereas Rivian gives a 100,000-mile/10-year warranty on its battery and drivetrain.


Undoubtedly one of the most distinctive and alluring electric vehicles to hit the market in recent times are the Rivian truck.

The Rivian truck has the impression of being both a futuristic car and one that is firmly rooted in the present. It is simply unsurpassed by any other truck today in terms of its ability to handle rough terrain and haul loads or better than internal combustion pickups.


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