How Roof Top Tents & Roof Racks Have Helped People Enjoy the Outdoors During the Pandemic

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We all agree that the pandemic forced us to stay at home. It forbids us to go to places we want to see, restricted us to travel abroad, and even limits us to see our loved ones—to protect everyone. The Travel Industry is the most affected sector of tourism during this pandemic. According to research, in 2020 alone, tourism revenues were predicted to fall from $910 billion to $1.2 trillion.

This unprecedented shift brought about by the pandemic forced people to look for alternative ways to still travel and do their thing without compromising their health. They travel with their family from one state to another doing camping, off-road adventures, and activities that could help them enjoy and stay together while the world is battling with the disease.

For this reason, the people are gearing up their vehicles with rooftop tents and roof racks before hitting down the road. These two items can help the adventure to be more memorable and enjoyable. Purchasing these two items online is more convenient and safe than the usual thing we tend to do before the disease came.

According to statistics, in 2020 alone, there are 1.3 million companies in the USA that are using e-commerce websites as another channel to promote and sell their products. Off Road Tents is one of the promising e-commerce retailers of rooftop tentsroof racks, and other overland accessories in the country that has a website that sells quality overland products.

I had the chance to interview one of the founders of Off Road Tents named Karsten Koberg and was able to know its brief history. Though I haven’t had a chance to interview his partner, Gianluca Boncompagni, I already have a lot of information on my plate to tell the community how impressive the history of this leading e-commerce website that they have started.

These two men behind the Off Road tents are like peas in a pod who love backpacking and road-tripping. They went on several trips abroad and they were able to experience first-hand the camping and rooftop tent lifestyle and fell in love with it. Although they don’t have any idea or knowledge of what is off-roading, camping, or overland, yet they were eager to know the business and dedicated tons of hours to build a website from scratch.

Since they were able to experience the rooftop tent lifestyle first-hand, they decided to focus on selling rooftop tents last 2018 and envisioned the business to be an e-commerce website that offers a wide variety of rooftop tents in the country. After reaching the success of selling rooftop tents, they extended their miles and add more vehicle camping products—especially, roof racks—and that’s when the business skyrocketed.

In the year 2019, Off Road Tents had been experiencing a 101% revenue increase compared to 2018 with the combined efforts of 144% growth in traffic and 57% growth in organic traffic. For this reason, they broke the 7-figure barrier and joined other e-commerce websites that are earning over a million dollars. That’s incredible!

Overland ProductsYearGrowth
Rooftop Tents201956% compared from 2018
Roof Racks201977% compared from 2018

Courtesy: Off Road Tents growth data

The numbers don’t lie. As a result of continuous efforts, Off Road Tentsis steadily and surely moving to the top of the ladder of success. The numbers proved that these two overland products are making a difference for truck owners. In fact, during the Overland Expo West held in Flagstaff, AZ in the second quarter of 2019, the roof-top tent together with roof rack was featured as one of the overland products which are in demand and making a wave for overland enthusiasts.

Overland ProductsYearGrowth
Roof-Top Tents20208% compared from 2019
Roof Racks202075% compared from 2019

Courtesy: Off Road Tents growth data

With 48% growth in traffic and 23% growth in organic traffic compared to last year, Off Road Tentswas able to keep the ball rolling. They were able to maintain good standing in numbers of these two overland products while still selling other camping products such as awnings, trailers, crossbars, bed caps/canopy, just to name a few.

During the two quarters of 2021, they were able to maintain the rhythm, and because of that, there has been a significant growth of 6% in the revenue with the help of the 11% growth in traffic and 12% growth in organic traffic. To date, the roof racks are experiencing 15% growth compared to last year’s data while rooftop tents are experiencing a slight decrease of growth of 7%.

Since we already have a quick overview of Off Road Tents and their growth from the last 3 years, this time let’s talk about one of the best brands of rooftop tents that they are selling.

Guana Equipment

I was lucky enough that I had the chance to interview a man named Ignacio Roses from Off Road Tents who gave such information about why Guana Equipment is making a difference in customer’s lives and why Guana is expanding abroad and other continents. I quote:

“Guana Equipment started as a tiny company founded by two ambitious outdoor enthusiasts. As time went by, Guana started to develop a good reputation amongst the competitors due to its fair price and excellent quality. That added to the excellent customer service and fast response on all inquiries from our customers, provided by its passionate team. Guana ended up earning its place in the overland community.”

The success of Guana Equipment is the result of their determination, hard work, and dedication towards their goal. Their goal is pure and simple, to provide excellent quality products at a fair price. Plus, they added extra features of rooftop tents that others don’t have to ensure customer satisfaction and the longevity of the tent.

Because of its commitment to its goal, Guana Equipment is making a buzz not just in the states but also abroad. As a result, Guana already has its websites in numerous countries and continents and still offering the same durable and quality rooftop tents.

In the middle of the interview, I asked Ignacio what is the main or key factor why Guana Equipment is one of the brands to beat in the market. I quote:

“I would say that the key factor is the fact that the whole team is involved in the business. Not only from a task’s point of view but also because we love and enjoy what we do. Each member of the crew enjoys the outdoors in their spare time. Also, being able to provide satisfaction and quality at all levels to our customers, has been the boost or motivation the brand needed to stand out. Guana Equipment is one of those companies that are driven by the members of its team. We are product and detail-oriented.”

Guana Equipment Wanaka 55″ Roof Top Tent

Despite the success of Guana Equipment today, they remain committed to manufacturing quality products, especially, its bread and butter which is the rooftop tents.

At this juncture, we will hear stories from the customers about what made them choose Off Road Tents to purchase their overland needs and what their entire experience was like. Luckily, we bumped into two customers of Off Road tents and asked them few questions in a form of a survey.

First customer: Ryan Sears

Question #1. What made you choose Off Road Tents to begin with?

“Well, if I’m honest I ran a Google search. The site came up when I was looking to purchase a rack for my Subaru Outback. I went to it, liked the site, (and) called the customer service line. The agent that picked up was nice and helpful, so I placed the order over the phone.”

Question #2. What type of product have you recently purchased from Off Road Tents?

“I bought a rack, as I already said, for my Subaru Outback. Then I added an LED light bar.”

Question #3. Are you fully satisfied with the overall customer service given by Off Road Tents? Why?

“Absolutely, 100%. When I called to get information, the customer service agent, I think his name was Ignacio, was friendly and helpful. He answered every question I had, he was quick, informative, and I decided to trust the company. Later, I came back to purchase a light bar, and again, they helped out a lot.”

Question #4. Are you going to recommend Off Road Tents to your friends and colleagues to purchase their overland products? Why?

“I will, and I have already. I’ve purchased from them twice and will do so again when I need more accessories for my vehicle. They have excellent customer service, and their website has literally all the things you need.”

Second customer: Eric Colburn

Question #1. What made you choose Off Road Tents to begin with?

“I read one of the blog posts once, which I ran into out of luck. I subscribed to the newsletter list and started receiving emails with very good information. That made me trust the business. I saw they knew what they were doing so I went ahead and ordered first a rack, then a fridge, and later even some rack accessories!”

Question #2. What type of product have you recently purchased from Off Road Tents?

“I’ve purchased a Front Runner rack for a Toyota Fortuner, then, I got a domestic fridge, and recently a few storage boxes and a fishing rod mount.”

Question #3. Are you fully satisfied with the overall customer service given by Off Road Tents? Why?

“I’m a long-time customer of Off-Road Tents and there’s a reason why. Every single time I’ve bought from them; the customer service has been top-notch. The guys have gone above and beyond to answer my questions and help me out choosing what I needed. I had some doubts about which fridge to get. I use it for beverages, but sometimes to keep my fish fresh (smell, I know). They helped me choose one that met my needs and didn’t break the bank. I’ve had it for over 2 years now, it’s been great. Came back a third time for some accessories, and they treated me with respect, remembered me, and made me feel like a valued customer. It’s as if they ran the business like a mom and pop’s shop.”

Question #4. Are you going to recommend Off Road Tents to your friends and colleagues to purchase their overland products? Why?

“I will DEFINITELY recommend them, and I’ve been doing so for the past 2-3 years ever since I ordered with them. Best customer service I’ve received in the industry. Oh, and their site has it all, from fridges to tents and racks and lights, you name it. I love how easy it is to get all you need in the same place. They deliver on time, help you choose, and make sure you’re happy.”

The fact that rooftop tents and roof racks helped people to enjoy the outdoors during the pandemic is undeniable. The number of purchases every year is growing and it will continue to grow in the next coming years. These two overland products brought so much joy to their owners with their families and no one can deny it.

With its thousands of satisfied customers and counting, Off Road Tents is making a name in the industry as one of the leading providers of overland products and accessories. With a user-friendly website, you will surely have an amazing browsing experience.

Let’s Wrap It Up

Off Road Tents is committed to providing world-class products and exemplary customer service to its valued customers. All products they offered and advertised online are being examined to ensure quality, durability, and dependability. Along with its hundreds of products, another trademark of Off Road Tents is the people—the people who are trained professionally to obtain a great relationship with its customers and its suppliers.

Let’s face the fact that there are tons of websites out there that are offering the same products as Off Road Tents have been offering to the community. Off Road Tents has been on the market for 3 years now and has a good track record of providing top-notch service to its customers. Off Road Tents has it all!

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