5 Best Bull Bars for Your Ford Ranger

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Ford Bull Bar

What Are Bull Bars? 

A bull bar is a necessary accessory for your car especially if you are an outdoorsy type of person and you like to drive in all terrain. Bull bars started being used in Australia as a way to protect your car from accidental collisions with wild animals such as kangaroos, cattle, etc. 

You can look at a bull bar as an additional bumper for your car that is made out of steel and will protect your vehicle from unwanted collisions. It is not used only for protection against animals but also from cars. In the case of a car collision, it will prevent the body of your vehicle from being squashed. It is also used on police cars so they can push cars that have stopped working out of the lane. 

There are different types of bull bars; 

  • Nudge bars – Smaller in size, provide protection against minor accidents 
  • Loop bars – Bulkier In size and has metal tubing protecting the headlights, and engine. 
  • Non-loop bar – Sits in the lower end of the front of the vehicle and does not have metal bars sticking out of it. 

In this article, you will see some of the best model bull bars for Ford Ranger PX2, PX3, and Ranger Raptor. But let’s first go over some of the differences between them. There is a difference in the PX2 and PX3 models and the most significant one is the difference in the front suspension.   

Some of the obvious differences between the Raptor model and the regular Ford Ranger are the body of the car, the width, and height of the tires, and the electronics inside the car. You can say that the Ford Ranger Raptor is a better choice for your off-road experience.

Why Should You Have Them? 

Installing a bull bar is an hour’s work and saves you the unnecessary costs of repairing your car. Now if you are using your car only to drive around in the city you will probably not need it. But there are places in the world where you should still think about installing it. Such a place is Australia. The reason why bull bars are an important thing there is because they have many kangaroos roaming around and you never know if one is going to jump onto the road and get hit by a car.

Best Bull Bars for Your Ford Ranger 

PIAK 3 Loop Elite Winch Bar for Ford Ranger Raptor 

PIAK 3 Loop Elite Winch Bar

The PIAK 3 Loop Elite Winch Bar for Ford Ranger Raptor is one of the best ones that you can get for your Ford Ranger Raptor. The oldest model that it will fit on is the 2018 one, all the way up to the current model. This winch bar is equipped with LED fog lamps that’ll come in handy at night as well as OEM front parking sensors that will help you avoid unwanted situations. 

Airbag compatible, it will provide safety on the road for you and anyone that is in your car. This model is built with thicker tubing, unlike other models. This is what gives this bull bar the elite status. 

  • Full bumper replacement.
  • A slim-fitting bar that does not add much length
  • High Strength steel construction for maximum protection
  • Multi-fold wing design including taper for optimum strength
  • Optimal approach angle
  • 5mm outer tubing and center crossbar and 50.8mm lower tubing
  • Extensive protection plates on both sides
  • Split front panel to provide maximum strength and airflow
  • Durable polyurethane overrides for minor impact protection
  • Provision for driving lights
  • Two aerial brackets standard
  • Twin hi-lift jack points
  • Includes PIAK LED, indicator & clearance light
  • Combination bar that suits both winch and non-winch applications
  • Retains OE LED Fog lights
  • Retains OE tow points
  • Retains OE Giant bash plate
  • Finished in matte black powder coat
  • ADR and Airbag compliant

Elite No Loop Bar for Ford Everest and Ford Ranger PX2 and PX3 by PIAK 

Elite No Loop Bar

If you care about your car and protecting it and the people in it you will equip it with some form of protection whether it is a winch or a bull bar. Elite No Loop Bar for Ford Everest and Ford Ranger PX2 and PX3 by PIAK  is made specifically for your Ford Ranger PX2 and PX3 as well as the Ford Everest. 

This model is made of high-grade steel and it will ensure the safety of your car as well as the people riding in it. Besides being tough it is also a great-looking bull bar that is also airbag compatible. It is the perfect Ranger accessory for those seeking adventure. 

  • Airbag compatible mounting system.
  • High Strength Steel construction that has the attributes of low corrosion.
  • Fitted with fog lamps.
  • Fitted with LED combination lamp for Indicator & Clearance light.
  • Multi-fold wing design including taper for optimum strength & approach angle.
  • Combination Bar that suits both winch and non-winch applications.
  • Split front panel to provide maximum strength & airflow.
  • Twin high lift jack points.
  • Three Aerial brackets are standard.
  • Provision for Light Bar & Driving Lights.
  • Provision for OE front parking sensors.
  • Surface finish-Matte Black Powder Coat.
  • Supplied with triple protection plate.
  • Airbag compatible mounting system.

King Series Bull Bar for Ford Ranger 

King Series Bull Bar

This model is a very aesthetically pleasing piece of ranger accessories. It is airbag compatible with built-in crash sensors and LED fog lights, indicators, and even daytime running lights. It is specially designed so that the radiator has maximum airflow to it. 

  • Exceed ADR standards of approval in all states and territories – airbag and crash sensors are fully functional
  • Made from high-quality 3mm thick steel plate
  • Winch compatible – laser cut holes to allow access
  • Market-leading, advanced powder coating black surface finish (custom color to suit OEM colors at additional cost)
  • Appealing LED fog lights, indicators, daytime running lights, and position style compliment and allow OEM switches to carry over and function per usual
  • Specialist design to maximize airflow to the radiator

ARB DELUXE Bull Bar for Ford Ranger 

ARB Deluxe Bull Bar

The arb deluxe bull bar is superbly manufactured from steel and powder coated for durability to fit the vehicle’s style as well as to provide safety for it and the passengers inside it. It also offers a good platform on which you can mount other essential 4WD accessories. 

This bull bar is available for Ford Ranger PX2 models. It comes with front sensors, Smittybilt, and Bushranger low mount winches. One of the optional attachments available is the fog lights. You can also choose which color coating you want on your model. 

  • Vehicle-specific design to complement the Ford Ranger and maximize functionality
  • Durable steel construction for maximum protection
  • Incorporates ARB’s renowned multi-fold upswept and tapered wing design for optimum strength and approach angle
  • Split pan design for maximum strength and airflow
  • Extensive under protection panels on the center and either side
  • Cover straps attached to the uprights ensure there are no exposed edges
  • Continuous uprights through the bumper section of the bar strengthen the outer frame
  • Superbly engineered, airbag compatible mounting system secures to chassis via high tensile bolts
  • Equally suited to winch and non-winch applications
  • Winch model will accommodate a selection of Warn, Magnum, and Bushranger low mount model electric winches
  • Twin Hi-Lift jacking points are located in the pan of the bar
  • Provision to accommodate ARB Intensity LED, and a range of IPF and Bushranger driving lights
  • Recessed indicators and parking lights
  • Provision for optional ARB fog light kit
  • Durable urethane buffers
  • Two aerial brackets located on the top frame of the bar
  • Supplied in a durable black powder coat finish with the added option of color coding to individual vehicles.

Jungle 4×4 Bull Bar for Ford Ranger PX3 

Jungle 4x4 Bull Bar

This bull bar is carefully designed so it can provide maximum safety on your off-road travels. The model is built with reinforced 63.5mm tubing and has a powder-coated finish for durability. It is an airbag-compatible model which comes with integrated fog lights as well as indicators.  

This bull bar is built for the Ford Ranger PX3 2018 model and up.  

  • Airbag Compatible and ADR Approved
  • Reinforced 63.5mm Tubing
  • Powder Coated Finish
  • Winch Compatible
  • Dual Aerial Mounts
  • Pre-Drilled Holes For Driving Lights
  • Reinforced Recovery Jack Mounts
  • Parking Sensor Compatible
  • Designed for Optimal Approach Angle
  • Integrated Fog Lamps and Indicators

Let’s Wrap It Up 

We already know by now that bull bars are an important accessory for your off-road vehicle. It offers effective shock absorbents and maximum protection for your vehicle as well as the passengers in it.

Even though it does not extend fully around the car it will save you from a head-on collision and save the front of your car from getting destroyed. Plus it looks good even though that is not the main purpose.

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